Adrianna Hepper

Web Content Strategist, Marketing & Packaging Copywriter, eCommerce Consultant

Halfmoon Yoga Product Descriptions

Many of my content and product label copywriting tricks (and studies that prove their efficacy) are summarized here by the brilliant folks at Smashing Magazine.

Based on these principles, I rewrote a number of product descriptions for Halfmoon Yoga, one of the world’s first yoga product manufacturers.

First, I gathered technical and sales information from online resellers of the same items to fill in the gaps of the current descriptions. Once I had the necessary info, I was able to creatively shape appealing descriptions that both sell the products and address buyer concerns. See Before and Afters below.

To Halfmoon I additionally offered suggestions for making each product page more complete, perhaps at a later date. Some ideas included linking to a separate Material Info page listing benefits and features of each material, a more specific, accurate sizing guide for each product (ex: bras wouldn’t include hip size), communicating a more complete returns policy, sale lasts until?, any money back guarantee? etc.

Majestic Bra – Before

Majestic Bra – After










Techlace Tank – After

Techlace Tank – Before









Free Spin Tank – Before

Free Spin Tank – After