Adrianna Hepper

Web Content Strategist, Marketing & Packaging Copywriter, eCommerce Consultant

What I’ve Done

Founder, Operator
Knotty Boy Natural Dreadlock Care

September 1998 – October 2013
Vancouver, Canada

Knotty Boy logo

In 1998, at age twenty one, I began manufacturing and distributing through the internet the world’s first line of hair care products specifically for creating and maintaining dreadlocks. At the time, no products or info existed about dreadlocks on the web, and there was certainly no such thing as online payment or automated forms of e-commerce. Starting from zero, I cooked up a few jars of my homemade dreadlock wax and assembled a one page Angelfire site that included some pictures, how-to instructions and a mailing address. Five days later, cash began to trickle in from around the world.

Back then I had no idea I was becoming a business owner, let alone an e-commerce innovator, user experience designer or content strategist. But I learned quickly, hanging on for dear life as Knotty Boy rapidly grew. In a few short years, I’d recruited a local all natural manufacturer and, by popular demand, expanded the product line by a dozen new items, all requiring label writing and design which I set to work doing. Additionally, that first crude webpage became hundreds of pages of original content painstakingly written by yours truly, targeting our mainly 13-to-30 year old visitors with humour and pop culture references. By 2007, the new Knotty Boy Lock Shop & Salon in Vancouver was drawing dreadlock seeking clients from around the world, and over six hundred stores carried the Knotty Boy line. As the company grew, my professional skills also grew to include new product development, sales, marketing, web design, SEO, project management and architecting the ever evolving e-commerce, education and sales support channels of the many incarnations of .

And in late 2013, the good ship Knotty was placed into the loving care of a long time employee and dear friend, where it continues to thrive to this day.

All of this to say, I’ve learned a lot. Initially by way of necessity, then ongoing through a years-long process of business strategy refinement and perfection.

Just as I’ve done with Knotty Boy, it is my pleasure to now help other teams build, renovate and refine business content into similarly heart-filled, connection making, action oriented results machines, creating opportunities for casual visitors to be transformed into passionate fans of good organizations, for life.

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