Adrianna Hepper

Web Content Strategist, Marketing & Packaging Copywriter, eCommerce Consultant

What I Do

Adrianna Hepper
Freelance Web Content Strategist, Marketing & Packaging Copywriter, eCommerce Consultant

In simplest terms, I’m a content problem solver. Since 1998, I’ve been helping businesses create and organize web and marketing content into intuitive, satisfying user experiences that result in action.

My skills and assets include expert sales copywriting (ex. landing pages, drip campaigns, product and service descriptions, educational pages, packaging and product labels), user experience design, content strategy creation/implementation, marketing and e-commerce entrepreneurship.

With your team, I will help create and organize web and marketing content that focuses on simplicity, user satisfaction and results by:

  • clearly articulating brand messaging
  • finding your best brand voice by precisely defining target market(s)
  • distilling messages down to most important, compelling and concise
  • creating missing content, i.e. engaging product descriptions, tutorials, blog articles, product label copywriting
  • building brand loyalty through heartwarming company stories and customer testimonials
  • increasing user satisfaction by arranging web content so it flows in a fresh, intuitive way
  • leading customers gently down an action path so views convert to sales or signups more often
  • reviewing and revamping social media and mobile needs

    What I Bring to the Table

  • over seventeen years of experience in e-commerce entrepreneurship, copywriting, sales, marketing, user experience design and content strategy creation/implementation
  • a curious, learning mind, business intuition and a sincere desire for your total satisfaction
  • a team of trusted professionals available to help with additional web requirements

    Professional Objectives

  • obtain a thorough understanding of your company
  • use questions to create a clear picture of what we have, and what is needed
  • communicate in concise, straightforward, easy to understand language
  • guide teams through step by step strategies that produce results, not binders of suggestions
  • apply meticulous attention to detail to produce an ultimately professional, satisfying end product