Adrianna Hepper

Web Content Strategist, Marketing & Packaging Copywriter, eCommerce Consultant


Sulman Husain

Adrianna Hepper is simply incredible!

Most recently, I had the privilege and pleasure of working with Adrianna on how to better optimize the performance of my company website from both an SEO and commercial standpoint. During the course of her consultation, she not only provided me with expert advice with proven results, but literally took the trouble to physically draw and outline in great detail as to what needed changing and why.

In the age of information where most of us now rely on Google and other popular search engines for web tips and tricks, it can still be very difficult to weed out what is in fact good advice. Not because the information isn’t credible, but because each of us have unique web experiences that require unique analysis, and sometimes general information (found online) isn’t the answer. Sometimes you need an expert. With Adrianna as my consultant, I had the opportunity to learn directly from her because she believes in educating her clients. And I found that part of my experience with her to be invaluable.

Although her work certainly speaks for itself, that wasn’t what drew me in. It was Adrianna’s positive personality and easygoing nature. Prior to us working together, Adrianna had given me a call and we chatted in great length about who we were, our lives, our history, etc. She got to know me.

Pro web consultants are a dime a dozen, but the ones that are willing to invest the time and energy to really hear and listen to what you have to say and care about your needs, those gems are rare. And Adrianna Hepper is a gem. I’d recommend her again and again.


Karen Wallington

Working with Adrianna Hepper has always been a pleasure. I have been stocking my salon with products from her company Knotty Boy Natural Dreadlock Care since 2001. In 2005, we worked together on producing loctician training classes and co-writing the curriculum for the official Knotty Boy Loctitian training manual. Our relationship has remained strong throughout, and I’ve enjoyed a front seat watching her grow her company into a successful enterprise. Adrianna’s experience would be invaluable to anyone interested in growing sales online and off.


Martin Stenning
Business Mentoree

As a young business school graduate, my relationship with Adrianna Hepper has been immensely valuable. I’ve had several ideas for entrepreneurial start-ups, and have made a practice of reaching out to her for support and constructive criticism. Adrianna takes time to consider my ideas, while providing insight from her years of experience. She has suggested some great entrepreneurial literature, keeps me positive in the face of diversity and is always available. I am grateful to have Adrianna as a mentor as I pursue my career goals, and will continue to ask for her guidance knowing she is always happy to help.


Chris Rippin
Product Supplier for, Friend

Adrianna and I have known each other for over 20 years, during which time I have seen her evolve into an extremely talented and capable woman.

Professionally she has a very grounded understanding of what it takes to run a successful business, both physically and online, as evidenced by her past achievements.  Her advice to me has always been sensible, leaning towards solutions that are creative yet relevant to both my own needs as well as my project needs.  In addition, her extensive knowledge of the internet allows her to engage people through social media and create a sense of community.

Her curiosity and love of life also provide her with a unique perspective on culture.  This natural engagement with her surroundings provides her with an acute awareness of societal, as well as individual, needs and a considerate and creative approach to meeting those needs.  Combined with a strong sense of determination, this makes her well qualified to be involved with a diversity of people and projects.

On a personal level, Adrianna is warm and sincere, making it easy to talk with her about anything be it pop culture, social issues or the deep philosophical questions of our existence. This ability to communicate is supported by an articulate mind, as well as a compassionate and considerate ear allowing for more than just an exchange of facts, but rather a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of ideas.

I will be forever grateful for Adrianna’s influence and perspective, as it has been both sincere and enlightening. Her ability to persevere amidst the complexities of life and find creative solutions has proven both her flexibility and resilience.  No matter how big the challenge, she has repeatedly been able to grow and adapt to each new situation, while remaining grounded and focused on positive change for herself, her business and the world around her.