Adrianna Hepper

Web Content Strategist, Marketing & Packaging Copywriter, eCommerce Consultant


School of Entrepreneurial Intuition & Blind Faith

I began working at age 15, providing live-in child care in order to attend a private high school away from home. My grades were good, but my headstrong inner eye was keenly tuned toward future goals. First matter of business? Europe. Shortly after grad I rented a large house, fearlessly sublet three rooms to considerably older university students and worked for two years in furniture sales until I had enough to fulfill my travel dream.

After exploring Europe solo for six months I arrived home to Vancouver, empowered and forever changed, and landed a job as manager of a nonprofit Bangladeshi import store supplied by women’s co-ops called Aarong Canada. A year later I found myself on the tiny island of Salt Spring off the BC coast, where a little company called Knotty Boy Natural Dreadlock Care was born.

Happily, these fulfilled dreams are just a few of the many.

Starting and growing Knotty Boy as a young entrepreneur has composed the vast majority of my work education and experience. My education has not been formal, nor my work experience conventional, but the lessons this full life, combined with drive, ambition and a learning mind, have taught me have been undeniably valuable.